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Supplement Reviews

Choosing the correct supplements and knowing if you even need to take any can be a complete minefield. There are also big differences in the quality and purity of many supplements on the market - if you're taking them you want to ensure you're taking the best for you and they're actually doing what they should.

If you're on medications supplements may be necessary to help replenish what they are depleting....BUT interactions between the two should ALWAYS be checked to ensure the supplements are not negatively impacting your medications. Your safety is paramount.

If you are trying to conceive then supplements are extremely important, but there is so much misinformation out there knowing exactly what you should be taking is again a complete minefield. For example do you need a multi-nutrient? Do you opt for folic acid or folate? Do you need extra vitamin D? What about Omega 3's? The list is endless and let's not forget the men, the correct supplementation is just as important for them too!


As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I can guide and support your decisions, so you can rest assured you're only taking what you need to, it's doing what it's supposed to and you're completely safe taking them. 

* Health review following completion of your health questionnaire

* 1 x 45 minute consultation

* 1 x 15 minute check in call 6 weeks following consultation

* Supplement plan

* 10% off recommended supplements from the Natural Dispensary


What does a supplement review include?

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