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Before I went to see Vicki I was struggling with bloating and low energy levels. Vicki was really easy to talk to and to be completely open with.


She gave me very honest, non-judgemental advice and suggestions and sent me some really delicious recipes. I always came away from the sessions feeling very positive and motivated to try the suggestions thanks to Vicki's encouragement. 


After the sessions I rarely struggle with bloating and have so much more energy.


Thank you!


After many years of my son suffering with eczema and thinking I'd tried everything I decided to research into how diet and gut health could be a factor, I wanted to find someone local so I could see someone face to face and my goodness how glad am I that I did - the ironic thing is that we ended up having all consultations online for one reason or another on my part but that hasn't made any difference to the outcome. I could never have expected to find someone as knowledgeable, committed, thorough and above all, friendly as Vicki. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who is suffering in any way.


I am so glad and happy we found you Vicki, thank you for everything you have done and are doing for our son. I feel so grateful.


“I wanted to share my experience on here and talk about how Vicki has helped me.


After suffering with a bloated stomach, being uncomfortable and lots of frustration, not knowing what was causing it. I came to Vicki for help and advice. It was the best decision I made, I now don’t get any of the symptoms I was experiencing, and now I know what causes and can trigger it. I’ve also learnt so much more about foods .


I couldn’t thank Vicki enough for all her help and support, after 4 years of not knowing what it was, I now know what to avoid. Vicki has also helped me to understand a bit more about the peri menopause which I’m also going through. Don’t suffer in silence there is things that can help you.


I would highly recommend Vicki."

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